Are you an upcoming entrepreneur who wants to start an online business? Well, this is a good idea. Online business is easy to start as you will not require the bricks and motor to run the business. With only a professional store, you will be ready to get started. However, you need to look for ways that will enable you to sell more. Having a multi-channel retailing is crucial as you will have an opportunity to go beyond your site. You can list your products on different marketplaces and reach millions of people.
Nevertheless, not all marketplaces will work well for you. Some will charge you more money,and others have a few traffic. Here are the some of the best multi-channel retailing marketplaces:


Amazon is the largest multi-channel retailing marketplace on the internet. It fits for both large and small businesses. It can work well for you with unique products as customers visit this site to look for those unique items. Although Amazon will charge a high listing fee, you will be sure to sell your products quickly and at a higher price. It has the largest number of customers who visit the site to search for quality products. In this essence, you can set a higher price for your products as most of the customers will make purchases based on quality.
The good thing about Amazon is that it is easy to navigate. Customers can easily find your products by the use of the mobile device. Also, this marketplace will care for your customers’ needs. It has reliable customer support that will provide positive feedback to your customers.


Are you looking for a free marketplace that has billions of users? If yes, you need to give Facebook a priority. As you know, marketing is not easy. It involves targeting a specific audience. But where will you find the audience? With Facebook, you will get an opportunity to interact with your customers and know their likes and dislikes and the factors that will drive them to purchase your products. With this, you will set the right price for your products. And at the same time you will create the best multi channel marketing campaign for your business.
Facebook being the leading social marketplaces, it will allow you to share ads to a massive number of customers and get potential buyers.


eBay is an old marketplace with a vast number of customers. Like Amazon, eBay cares for its customers by providing them with reliable feedbacks. The good thing about eBay is the social buttons and listing. With this, you will have an opportunity to share your ads of Facebook, and Twitter and reach a massive number of customers. Also, eBay has a shopping cart that makes it easier for customers to purchase multiple items and pay for all with only a single click.
eBay is an excellent multichannel retailing marketplace as it will allow your customers to search for the best items in a minute. The search box enables them to search items according to price, size, color, and location.


Etsy is another great marketplace that will enable you to integrate your Etsy account with your online store. With this, you will reach a massive number of customers. The good thing about this marketplace is that it charges less listing fee as compared to Amazon and eBay.
Etsy will care for your unique products that cannot fit in Amazon. The unique thing that is in Etsy and not in other marketplaces is the Etsy App Integration designed for sellers to allow them to check all the analytics, orders and answer to customers’ questions. Also, Etsy has the SEO feature that will enhance the ranking of your products. With this, you can sell quickly and increase your revenue. The customer support of Etsy is reliable and will respond to your customers on time.

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